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No one needs to know where you surf
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• A Chrome New Tab Extension •

No History is Saved

Trail Sweeper is a browser extension that makes sure no one ever knows where you've been on the internet. Once installed, Trail Sweeper prevents your browser from saving history, so you can suft wherever you want, without the fear of anyone ever knowing.
Trail Sweeper

History Blocker

Your browsing remains private always
Trail Sweeper

Search Privacy

Don't let others know what you search for
Trail Sweeper


Built and tested for maximum user privacy
Trail Sweeper


Trial Sweeper has no hidden charge or trial periods

Super Simple

Once you've installed Trail Sweeper, you don't need to do anything. Every new tab you've opened is protected. Want to make sure Trail Sweeper is active and on guard? Look for our shield icon on your browser's top right corner.
Trail Sweeper


No more searching the web, keep your app just a click away!
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• A Chrome New Tab Extension •

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